Tobler Elementary School


  • Elementary School
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In a world where there seems to be constant negativity and chaos, it’s important to find ways to bring a little bit of positivity and beauty into our lives. That’s exactly what the Graffiti Park Las Vegas team did when they volunteered their time to create a stunning mural project at R.E. Tobler Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The theme of the project was muted rainbows, patterns, and inspirational messages, and it was designed to bring a sense of hope and inspiration to the students and faculty at the school. Over the course of three days, 36 different artists came together to create 28 different murals, covering an impressive 2540 sq ft of wall space.

    One of the most inspiring aspects of this project was the level of collaboration that took place. Despite the fact that there were so many different artists involved, they all worked together seamlessly to create a cohesive and stunning collection of murals. In fact, this project had more collaboration than any other project that Graffiti Park Las Vegas had ever taken on before.

    Another exciting aspect of this project was the fact that it featured six new artists who were joining the Graffiti Park team for the first time. This speaks to the power of community and the importance of giving people a chance to showcase their talents and creativity.

    The muted rainbow theme of the murals is especially poignant, as rainbows have become a symbol of hope and positivity following the COVID-19 pandemic; providing more enthusiasm and creativity in the school. The inclusion of inspirational messages only adds to the sense of hope and resilience that the murals convey.

    The impact of this project on the R.E. Tobler Elementary School community cannot be overstated. The murals have transformed the school, turning it into a bright and colorful space that is sure to inspire students and staff alike. It’s also worth noting that this project serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting our schools and investing in the education and well-being of our children.

    In conclusion, the volunteered mural project put on by Graffiti Park Las Vegas at R.E. Tobler Elementary School is an inspiring example of the power of community and creativity. By coming together and using their talents to create something beautiful and meaningful, these artists have brought a little bit of hope and positivity into the world.