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  • On August 30th, 2021, the Claude and Stella Parson Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada allowed us to complete a truly inspiring mural project that covered a massive 4000 square feet, both internally and externally, and featured the work of 12 different artists.

    The mural project was a collaborative effort between the school, local community, and Graffiti Park Las Vegas, which provided support, resources and guidance to the artists. Over the course of 5 days, the artists worked tirelessly to create a vibrant and dynamic display of color and creativity that truly brought the community together.

    The mural project was a huge success, not just because of its size and scale, but also because of the positive impact it had on the school community. The artwork helped to create a positive learning environment for the students and teachers, and it also helped to beautify the school. It was also a powerful representation of the community’s diversity, with the different styles and perspectives of the 22 artists coming together to create a truly beautiful and meaningful piece of art.

    This mural project serves as a shining example of the power of art to bring people together and make a positive impact on the community. It’s truly an inspiration to see how Graffiti Park and a local school can collaborate to create something this beautiful and meaningful.

    This project is a great reminder that art has the power to transform spaces and bring people together. We hope to continue to see more projects like this in our community in the future.