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  • Recently, the Packwoods cannabis facility in Las Vegas, Nevada was the site of a visually stunning commissioned mural project. The indoor mural, which covered 1400 square feet of space, was created by a team of six talented artists.

    The mural featured a variety of trippy patterns and cool aliens, bringing a sense of otherworldliness and wonder to the facility. The project was a collaboration between Graffiti Park Las Vegas, which commissioned the mural, and the six artists who brought the design to life.

    The project took a total of three days to complete, but the end result was truly awe-inspiring. The mural added a burst of color and creativity to the facility, and it has quickly become a favorite among employees and visitors alike.

    The commission of this mural is an excellent example of how public art can bring beauty and inspiration to a specific place of business. It also shows how graffiti park las vegas is working hard to bring the city of Las Vegas a new and exciting art form in the form of murals. The community’s response to this mural has been overwhelmingly positive, and it has sparked a renewed interest in public art projects throughout the city.

    Overall, the Packwoods cannabis facility mural project was a great success, and it serves as a reminder of the power of art to bring people together and inspire positive change. The community is looking forward to the next project that the graffiti park las vegas will be bringing to the city.