NLV Utility Boxes- Part 2


  • North Las Vegas
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada

  • North Las Vegas has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to Graffiti Park’s latest project. Eight utility boxes across the city now boast stunning murals, each paying homage to Nevada’s natural heritage. These artistic gems celebrate the state’s plants and animals, showcasing the beauty that surrounds us.

    From the beautiful desert cactuses to the resilient desert bighorn sheep, these murals are more than just art; they’re a tribute to the diverse natural world of Nevada. Graffiti Park’s talent has turned utility boxes into vibrant canvases that celebrate our state’s ecological wonders.

    As you explore North Las Vegas, don’t miss these remarkable murals. They serve as a beautiful reminder of the incredible biodiversity and natural wonders that make Nevada truly exceptional. Graffiti Park’s project highlights the power of art to connect us with our environment and inspire us to cherish our local beauty.