NLV Silver Mesa Senior Center


  • Senior Center
  • NLV Parks District
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Silver Mesa Senior Center in North Las Vegas has unveiled a stunning metamorphosis, thanks to a collaboration with Graffiti Park’s trio of artists. Their vibrant mural, embracing a floral motif, now envelops the center’s exterior, creating a captivating tableau of nature’s beauty.

    This mural resonates as a visual ode to the cycles of life, intertwining delicate blooms, lush leaves, and intricate vines. A burst of colors welcomes visitors, infusing the atmosphere with joy and tranquility, an artistic embrace for both the seniors and the community.

    Beyond its aesthetic charm, the mural sparks conversations and connections, bridging generations and cultures. Amidst the urban landscape, it serves as a poignant reminder of the serenity found in nature.

    Silver Mesa Senior Center’s floral mural is more than an artwork; it’s a testament to the fusion of creativity and community. It symbolizes the center’s commitment to inspiration and its role as a haven for both the young at heart and the passerby. Pause and appreciate this blossoming masterpiece – a harmonious blend of art and nature.