Market Resolution Furniture


  • Sustainability Company
  • Large Scale Sustainability Initiatives
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Recently, Graffiti Park Las Vegas partnered with Market Resolution to bring a unique and exciting commissioned mural project to Las Vegas, Nevada. Market Resolution found Graffiti Park completely organically by word of mouth. Market Resolution is a sustainability company with the purpose of unique customized sustainable programs for retail chains, commercial brands, and large casinos across the country. The project brought together six talented artists to transform 1000 square feet of space with a one-of-a-kind design that was sure to impress.

    The canvases in this project were couches, chairs, and end tables, making it one of the coolest designs Graffiti Park Las Vegas has curated. The commissioned project was met with awesome trademark designs and logos across all the pieces of furniture. The use of bold colors and dynamic spray paint techniques created a visually striking display that was sure to delight anyone who saw it. These couches will all have different homes, one most notably at the 18th hole for the Terrible Herbst Recreational Golf Tournament held in Las Vegas.