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  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Jacob E Manch Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada allowed Graffiti Park to complete a stunning mural project that covered the entire school building. The project was a collaborative effort between the school, local artists, and the community, and it was completed in 2 separate weekends with the whole project being completed in August of 2022.

    This Project is by far one of our biggest to date, as it covered over 22,000 square feet and featured over 40 different artists throughout the 2 weekends.

    The murals featured a colorful and dynamic display of imagery that depicted the school’s values and mission, such as education, diversity, and community. The artists worked tirelessly to bring the design to life, using a variety of techniques, including spray paint, brushes, and rollers. The end result was a truly awe-inspiring work of art that left the entire community in awe.

    The mural project was met with great excitement and enthusiasm from both the school community and local residents. The school’s students, teachers and staff were thrilled to see their school transformed into a beautiful work of art.

    The mural project was a huge success, not just because of its size and scale, but also because of the positive impact it had on the school community. The artwork helped to create a positive learning environment for the students and teachers, and it also helped to beautify the school. It was also a powerful representation of the community’s diversity, with the different styles and perspectives of the artists coming together to create a truly beautiful and meaningful piece of art.

    The Jacob E Manch Elementary School Thunderbirds should be commended for their efforts in bringing this project to fruition, and for their commitment to supporting the local arts community. This mural project serves as a shining example of the power of art to bring people together and make a positive impact on the community. It’s truly an inspiration to see how a school can be transformed into something this beautiful and meaningful.