Harley Harmon Elementary School- Kinder Hallway & Multi-Purpose Room


  • Elementary School
  • Kindergarten Hallway and Multi-Purpose Room
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • At Harley Harmon Elementary School, the transformative power of art has taken center stage thanks to an exciting collaboration with Graffiti Park Las Vegas. The multi-purpose room and kindergarten hallway have been reborn as vibrant canvases, igniting creativity and inspiration throughout the school.

    Graffiti Park Las Vegas brought the school’s identity to life by crafting a stunning mural in the multi-purpose room. The school’s emblem and name now grace the walls in a burst of dynamic colors and bold lines. This transformation not only infuses the room with energy but also fosters a strong sense of unity among students and staff.

    The kindergarten hallway has been turned into an enchanting Alphabet mural, a collaboration between education and art. Each letter is playfully represented by a beloved cartoon character, morphing the journey between classes into an engaging learning experience. This imaginative mural captures young minds and makes early education an exciting adventure.

    Graffiti Park Las Vegas has left an indelible mark on Harley Harmon Elementary School. The murals transcend aesthetics, embedding a sense of pride and creativity within the school community. The multi-purpose room mural radiates school spirit, while the kindergarten hallway mural revolutionizes how young learners interact with education.

    Art has revitalized Harley Harmon Elementary School, thanks to the creative ingenuity of Graffiti Park Las Vegas. These murals aren’t just paint on walls; they’re conduits of inspiration, infusing school pride, unity, and creativity into every corner of the campus. The collaboration between art and education has produced an enduring masterpiece that will continue to inspire for years to come.