Graffiti Miata Live Art


  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Embark on a visual journey through the intersection of automotive nostalgia and street art ingenuity at the Las Vegas Car Show, where Graffiti Park Las Vegas took innovation to the next level with a captivating mural adorning an unexpected canvas—an old Miata reborn as a rolling masterpiece.

    As the spray cans danced across the Miata’s exterior, a symphony of color and creativity unfolded, transforming the vintage vehicle into a unique work of art that seamlessly blends the allure of classic automobiles with the vibrant energy of street art. Each stroke and spray captured the essence of speed, style, and the freedom that defines the open road.

    This Miata mural is more than just a visual spectacle; it’s a celebration of automotive culture, an homage to the craftsmanship that makes each vehicle a timeless work of art. Graffiti Park Las Vegas not only revitalized the Miata but also breathed new life into the car show experience, inviting attendees to witness the transformative power of art in unexpected places.

    The mural becomes a dynamic storyteller, narrating the history of the Miata and the evolution of automotive design. From sleek lines to bold colors, every detail reflects the passion and craftsmanship that both the automotive and street art worlds share.

    Join us in reliving the magic of this unique collaboration at the Las Vegas Car Show—where Graffiti Park’s Miata mural stands as a symbol of the limitless possibilities when art and automobiles unite.