Global Community High School x Central Technical Training Academy


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  • Las Vegas Nevada

  • Art has the power to transform spaces, inspire communities, and bring people together. Recently, an extraordinary mural project took place at the Global Community High School and Central Technical Training Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. In collaboration with Graffiti Park Las Vegas, these two schools joined forces to create a breathtaking mural that not only showcases their shared spirit but also adds vibrant colors and creativity to their campus building.

    Under the guidance of talented local artists and with the enthusiastic participation of students, the mural project was initiated with the aim of beautifying the street-facing wall and one of the elevator shafts. The vision was to capture the essence of both schools and foster a sense of pride within the students and the surrounding community.

    The elevator shaft was chosen as the canvas for a massive logo project. This logo represents the fusion of both schools and symbolizes their unity, diversity, and commitment to excellence. The mural design incorporated elements from both institutions’ emblems, blending them seamlessly to create a harmonious representation of their shared values and goals.

    The mural project at Global Community High School and Central Technical Training Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a shining example of the transformative power of art and collaboration. Through the fusion of creativity, talent, and community engagement, a once plain wall and elevator shaft have been transformed into captivating visual stories that inspire, empower, and unite. This project stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when we come together to create something beautiful and meaningful.