Frank Kim Elementary School


  • Frank Kim Elementary School
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  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Recently, Frank Kim Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada was the site of an exciting indoor mural project. Commissioned by Graffiti Park Las Vegas, the project brought together two talented artists to transform 1000 square feet of space with a colorful and vibrant theme. Graffiti Park updated their school logo, all three bathrooms, and will eventually paint the kindergarten hallway.

    The mural features namesakes for the boys and girls bathrooms, adding a beautiful splash of color to the hallways. The use of bold colors and dynamic brushstrokes created a visually striking display that was sure to delight students and visitors alike. The artists used their own creative style and imagination to bring the mural to life with a one of a kind mural that is sure to impress.

    We came back in January of 2023 to complete a new installation in the Kindergarten Hallway, with that mural including cartoon renditions of Dinosaurs.

    Overall, the commissioned mural project at Frank Kim Elementary School was a fantastic addition to the Las Vegas community and a shining example of the power of public art. The colorful and vibrant theme of the mural has brought a unique touch to the school and it has become a conversation starter among the students. We look forward to seeing more exciting projects from Graffiti Park Las Vegas in the future.