C.H. Decker Elementary School- Interior Hallways


  • Elementary School
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • CH Decker Elementary School has recently undergone a magical transformation with the installation of three captivating murals. Three talented artists collaborated to bring elements from the wizarding world of Harry Potter to life within the school’s walls. Let’s explore these enchanting artworks that have turned the school into a realm of imagination and wonder.

    The entrance welcomes students and visitors with a stunning mural of the Hogwarts Train Station and Platform 9 3/4. The artists skillfully captured the magical gateway, setting the tone for the enchanting atmosphere that now permeates throughout the school.

    Deeper into the corridors, a detailed Marauder’s Map of CH Decker Elementary unfolds. Meticulously crafted, this mural adds an interactive element, encouraging students to explore and appreciate the unique charm of their learning environment.

    A final mural transports observers to a serene and enchanting nature scene, seamlessly blending the magical world with the beauty of nature. The collaborative effort of the three artists weaves these murals together, creating a harmonious narrative that engages students, teachers, and visitors alike.

    The recent installation of these enchanting murals at CH Decker Elementary School has transformed the learning environment into a magical realm. The combination of the Hogwarts Train Station, the Marauder’s Map, and the captivating nature scene demonstrates the power of art to inspire, engage, and create a sense of wonder, fostering a unique and enchanting atmosphere for years to come.