Berwick Area YMCA- Chris Adams Innovation Lab


  • Berwick Area YMCA
  • Community YMCA
  • 140
  • Berwick, Pennsylvania

  • Recently, the Berwick YMCA in Berwick, PA was the site of an exciting indoor and outdoor mural project. Commissioned by Graffiti Park Las Vegas, the project brought together seven talented artists to transform 5000 square feet of space into the Chris Adams Innovation Lab. This is the first time Graffiti Park was able to travel across the country to paint a project, and this one turned out to be our most meaningful and memorable project we have been blessed to create.

    The theme of the project was innovation, as the lab is now a place where students can expand on their creativity, while given the modern tools needed to thrive. The mural features a variety of elements that reflect the theme of innovation, such as images of technology, gears and a large portrait of Chris Adams, who greets everyone walking into the center, looking down on them as to provide them support in all of their endeavors.

    One of the unique aspects of this project was the collaboration between the seven artists. Each artist brought their own style and perspective to the mural, resulting in a diverse and dynamic final product. The project was a true celebration of the power of artistic collaboration and community. Graffiti Park was able to add artists from across the US and make lifelong friends out of the project.

    The completion of the mural project at the Berwick YMCA is a testament to the positive impact that public art can have on a community. Not only does it add beauty and interest to the community, but it also provides an opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents and share their vision with the public.

    The project was met with great enthusiasm by the community and it was a great success. It has become a source of pride for the community and it has been enjoyed by many visitors. It is a great example of how public art can bring people together and create a sense of community.

    Overall, the commissioned mural project at the Berwick YMCA was a fantastic addition to the Berwick community and a shining example of the power of public art. The Innovation theme of the mural has brought a unique touch to the center, and it has become a conversation starter among the visitors and students. We look forward to seeing more exciting projects from Graffiti Park Las Vegas in the future.