Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School


  • Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School
  • School
  • 8
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • On October 16th, 2020, a stunning new mural project was completed at Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada. This 12,000 square foot indoor project was a collaboration between 10 different artists and was organized by Graffiti Park Las Vegas.

    The murals feature a vibrant array of colors and designs, depicting a variety of scenes and characters. From playful animals and nature scenes to inspiring messages and symbols, the mural captures the energy and creativity of the community. The artists brought their own unique styles and perspectives to the project, making it a truly collaborative and dynamic piece of art.

    The project was a volunteer effort, with Graffiti Park Las Vegas leading the charge. This community organization is dedicated to promoting street art and graffiti culture in Las Vegas, and they were thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the school and the community in this way.

    The project has been met with great enthusiasm by students, staff and parents of Arturo Cambiero Elementary School. The school’s principal, said “This project is a beautiful addition to our school and will serve as a source of inspiration and pride for our students and community. We are so grateful to Graffiti Park Las Vegas and the artists who donated their time and talent to this project.”

    The murals not only beautifies the school and inspires the students but also showcases the power of collaboration and community spirit.