Our Story

The Inspiration for Graffiti Park started in Texas at the Hope Outdoor Gallery in downtown Austin. The Park was launched in 2011 and was developed to provide muralists, street artists, arts education classes and community groups the opportunity to display large scale art pieces driven by inspirational, positive and educational messaging.

This was a free gallery to visit and enjoy, but was not perfect- dilapidated walls, poor landscaping, parts of the park where crawling on all fours was necessary with trash and needles throughout the park. The Historical Landmark Commission voted in Jan. 2018 to approve the demolition after photos were taken for the Austin History Center. Graffiti Park will be a Las Vegas take on the Hope Outdoor Gallery, building along the concept in a way unlike anywhere else in the world.

Graffiti Park – Las Vegas will feature forms of art, music, food, and creativity that will never be experienced unless the park is created.

Company Culture

Art is everywhere if you look for it, which may be why sometimes things aren’t as beautiful as they should be because you don’t take a second to let it sink in. There should be places where it is meant for you to take a breath and enjoy the moment for what it is.

The point of the Graffiti Park – Las Vegas is to take a second to enjoy the beauties of life, and God-given talent. This Gallery will be so much more than just art; it will be a lifestyle. The marketplace needs that this gallery satisfies are self-empowerment and awe of others.
The gallery allows for true human expression in ways that are unique and unlike anything else.

Above all, the park to be a Las Vegas attraction, not just a gallery of graffiti. We want this to be in a sky mall magazine on the flight into Las Vegas of the places you need to visit before you leave. It would be a cultural hub and a visual representation

Behind The Dream